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[ aero8 ] Now where did the design for the Aero 8 come from?

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The following articles are of a slightly technical nature. They are posted so that you can see the effects and draw your own conclusions, without the need to crawl round the pub car park!

[ Plaque holder ]

Rally Plaque Holder

[ Plaque holder ]
Look at this very neat rally plaque holder

4/4 Power Upgrade
[ 4/4 VX ]
[ 4/4 VX ]
Road tested in Classic Car Weekly with a front page promotion this is surely a stunning conversion for the 4/4.
[ Pimp My Mog ]
Customise Your Morgan
Never mind the MSCC Innovation Competition, for serious customisation give it LARGE and PIMP MY MOG.

Front-end Restyling
Restyling a 4/4 front-end.

Everything you need to know about upgrading your Morgan braking system.
Discs and Pads Morgan 4/4 brake upgrade.
Four-Pot Calipers Morgan 4/4 brake upgrade.

An alternative high-profile tyre choice.

Ford ECU Remapping
Remapping the Ford ECU on a 4/4 Zetec.

Towing Eye
Adding a towing eye..

An aluminium radiator conversion on a 4/4.

Fuel Pressure
Fitting a Power Boost Valve to a 4/4 Zetec.

Bulb details with years and part numbers. Click HERE.

4/4 Rebuild Story
Pictures, description and tips from a 1979 4/4 rebuild.

Panhard Rod Conversion
Transform the ride of your Morgan by sorting the rear suspension with a Panhard Rod.

Zetec Vee Cover
Stop water and dirt collecting in the vee of your Zetec cam cover.

Engine Conversion
From Crossflow to Zetec, the transformation of a 4/4.

ShropMog toolbox upgrade
Increase the size of your toolbox (ooh-err!).

ShropMog high-capacity luggage rack
Modify a standard luggage rack to carry that bigger suit case.

Fitting an oil cooler
Help the engine cooling on those hot days by fitting an oil cooler.

Driving at Night
The sealed beam headlight units fitted to many Morgans can be improved very easily. Click here for info.

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