ShropMog History

[ ShropMog Badge ]

Centre Badge

The picture shows our Centre Badge with what appears to be a yellow Aero8. Strangely enough, this badge was produced back in 1996, well before the Aero8 launch. Could it be that this was the inspiration for Morgan's flagship model?

ShropMog Fan Club AKA MSCC Staffordshire Centre

[ Plaque ]
The ShropMog car can be seen on their 30th Anniversary rally plaque. Look at some of the fans' cars below...
[ ]

[ MG ]
An MG as well.

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]
Special rally plaque mount seen on this +8.
For details see our Technical section.

ShropMog in Miscellany

Miscellany is the Morgan Sports Car Club official magazine.

[ Miscellany ]

December 2009

The MSCC club magazine caption competition has ShropMog members pretending to be the MSCC Membership Secretary. Can you spot Pat, Jayne, Di and Simon - and the real Anne!!

[ Miscellany ]

September 2009

The MSCC club magazine has an advert from Simmonds, thanking customers for visiting their "unofficial" Mog09 trade fair. Can you spot Kevin and Simon - ShropMog never far from trouble!!

[ Miscellany ]

November 2006

The MSCC Speed Championship report carries a picture of the ShropMog 4/4, complete with the logo along the bonnet.
[ Miscellany ]

Interesting Internet

[ Miscellany ]
This was a Morgan web sites review published in Miscellany, November 2001. ShropMog had a good write-up and a picture!

ShropMog in MSCC Speed Championship (speedmog) Calendar

The ShropMog 4/4 pictured in the Three Sisters paddock for August 2008.

The ShropMog 4/4 lined up at Ty Croes for September 2008.

The ShropMog 4/4 pictured at the MSCC Curborough Sprint for July 2009.

The ShropMog 4/4 pictured at Loton Park for November 2011.

ShropMog in Other Publications

The ShropMog 4/4 pictured in the Loton Park Hillclimb Programme, April 2012.