ShropMog Competition

MSCC Staffordshire Centre Notes Forecasting Competition

Miscalleny is the club magazing for the MSCC. It includes a series of centre reports from the various centres around the country. The Miscellany centre report for the MSCC Staffordshire Centre is the basis for this ShropMog competition.

How It Works
The aim is to predict the score from any food and non-alcoholic drink references contained in the Staffs Centre Miscellany report.

[ Miscellany ]
Centre notes in Miscellany.
References are scored according to the following table:
Type of reference Score Example
Food (F) 2 Cake
Consuming (Eating or Drinking non-alcoholic) (C) 2 Had lunch
Drink non-alcoholic (D) 1 Coffee
Restaurant (R) 1 Tea shop

Go on, have a go! What have you got to lose?

To enter, send an Email to or click HERE.

For each month's competition, the final entry date is the last day of the month before. Where duplicate forecasts are received, the first received will take priority. Only one entry (per person) per month, please. The winner will be notified by email and their forename will appear alongside the actual total.

The judges decision is final. The winner will receive a mystery prize - no cash alternative available. No purchase necessary. and so on...

The previous Miscellany notes scores are listed below:
Month Score Breakdown (F+C+D+R) Winner (Winning Score)
October 2010 11 4+1+0+1 Lord Unstone (17)
September 2010 0 0+0+0+0 .
August 2010 2 0+1+0+0 Di and Moe (11)
July 2010 9 3+0+2+1 .
June 2010 14 6+0+1+1 .

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