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2003 ShropMog event
ShropMoggers with Staffordshire Centre at Mog2001, Cheltenham
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2001 ShropMog event
ShropMog Meeting used for MSCC Golden Anniversary Card
ShropMog in Scotland for Mog 99
ShropMog on the Isle of Man, Mog 98
ShropMoggers at Mog 97, Bath
ShropMoggers and Morgans on the beach
ShropMoggers with Staffordshire Centre at Mog94, York
ShropMog Dinner

ShropMog Annual Dinner

The ShropMog annual dinner was held at the on 14th January 2017 at the Oakley Arms, Brewood.

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The 2005 MSCC Annual Event was held at Gaydon and Prescott. We were unlucky with the weather as can be seen here. RIGHT: The wine flows as ShropMog campers attempt to stay dry! BELOW: A +4 starts up the hill at a very wet Prescott!
[ Keith ]
[ Rain ]

The Roadster Owners Club of Normandy and Rouen Car Club at Tudor Motors

[ Classics ]
While on their May 2004 tour in the UK, the French car clubs ROC and Rouen CC were invited to a workshop tour at the famous Tudor Motor Body Repairs (web site listed on our links page). A super buffet lunch was provided by our hosts, Lindsay and Kevin. [ Chairmen ]
Spot the MSCC and Staffordshire chairmen in fine form.
After lunch, we were treated to speeches in French and English and everyone was invited to try the traditional Market Drayton delicacy of gingerbread dipped in port - believed to be an aphrodisiac, but only the first six pieces worked on me!
[ bonjour! ]
[ Workshop ] A display of interesting cars was on show inside and outside of the immaculately prepared workshops.
[ bonjour! ] Many thanks to Lindsay, Kevin and the band of family and friends who put so much effort in to make this event such a success.

Staffordshire Centre Annual Dinner 2003

[ Annual Dinner ]
Left: As the sign points out, the Staffordshire Centre's annual dinner was held in Shropshire this year - "home of SHROPMOG the Premier Centre".
Below: The ShropMog crowd were that rowdy bunch on the table in the corner.

The quote of the day had to go to Maurice as he picked up the wrong glass during his speech: "what am I doing drinking water?" [ Annual Dinner ]

ShropMoggers with Staffordshire Centre at Mog2001, Cheltenham

Activity in the gymkhana. Right: Athletic prowess demonstrated by Kevin. Below right: Determination from Simon not seen since running for last orders in the pub! Below: Combined Staffs and ShropMog campers at the BBQ. Drink, eat, drink and be merry!

Click HERE for more pictures at the event.
[ gymkhana ]
[ gymkhana ] [ camp site ]

ShropMog Meeting used for MSCC Golden Anniversary Card

[ ShropMog on the Card ]
What a great card inviting every MSCC member to celebrate 50 years of the MSCC. But doesn't something look a bit familiar? Well it did to me on closer inspection. Could it really be ShropMog down at the pub:
1 - Anne and Ray's 4/4
2 - Jayne and Simon's 4/4 (before the rebuld)
3 - Lindsay and Kevin's flat rad (since sold)
4 - Julie and Colin's 4/4
5 - Linda and Dave's 4/4

ShropMoggers with other Centres at Mog98, Manxmog

Right: On the Isle of Man in 1998, at the summit after a run up the section of TT circuit closed especially for the event. Below: On the ferry crossing to the Isle of Man, ShropMog travel in disguise but the beer is a give-away! Below Right:The autotest was a great event.
[ top of the world ]
[ who are you ] [ Auto Test ]


Mog98 was also HalMog. Here ShropMoggers are camping at the end of the Stanstead runway!
[ camping ]

ShropMoggers with Staffordshire Centre at Mog94, York

Below: How many Morgans can you get on a small B&B car park? and Right: at the Railway Museum enjoying a drink on the train!
[ car park ]
[ all aboard ]

[ beer ]

ShropMoggers at Mog 97, Bath

Left: Doing what they do best! Don't drink it all, that's got to last until the pub opens. Below: Luxury in the caravan!
[ caravan ]

[ breakfast ]

ShropMog in Scotland for Mog 99

Clearing up after a typical ShropMog breakfast. "Can you please direct me to the bottle bank?"

Isn't it funny that no matter how bad your hangover is, a flasher will always put a smile on your face!

ShropMoggers and Morgans on the beach

[ ShropMoggers and cars ]
Relaxing at the end of Mog95 - in the New Forest. Watch out for the car-park attendant!

Click the play button for the full effect!

ShropMog Dinner

[ ShropMog ]
"Who's your friend?" Two Staffordshire members enjoying themselves at the ShropMog New Year dinner.
[ ShropMog ] OK who put super-glue on the food and stuck our teeth together?
[ Hello ]
Wife swapping ...
[ Hello ]
... in ShropMog ?

Thanks to Julie, Colin, Lindsay, Kevin and all of the other people who have contributed pictures on this page.