Some of ShropMog's friends from home and abroad...

[ Dick ] Dick is pictured here in his Mini Cooper on a track day at Oulton Park. You can also see him in his green 4/4 elsewhere on this site.

[ Nurburgring ] [ Nurburgring ]

Paul and the Dutch Morganeers at the Nurburgring

The "Molenschot" Morgan Club at the Nurburgring. Drivers, cars and one of the cars on track at the Karussel.
(Thanks to Paul for these pictures).
[ Karussel ]

[ Trev and Doug ]

Trev and Doug

Fellow competitors on the Champagne Classic Rally 2005, Trev and Doug were competing in a Sunbeam Tiger.

[ MOG NL ]

Paul and Jos

Joined ShropMog at the Nurburgring in dreadful weather having driven from Holland.

[ Mini Cooper ]


Nick is pictured here, driving his Mini Cooper on the Millbrook mountain circuit. He can also be spotted as a Track Day passenger in a number of other pictures on this web site - white knuckles and all!

Valentin in Romania

[ Valentin ]
In Bucharest, Valentin with the (ex-ShropMog) light cluster now on his RS Fiesta.
See him in action (pictures and video) in Romanian Drag and Drift racing...
[ beer! ]
...and here, adopting the true ShropMog spirit and celebrating with a beer!

Stan in Australia

Stan says "yes-yes-yes - The best site I've ever seen !"

[ guess where ]
Stan sent a picture of his Morgan outside the local concert hall !
[ postman Stan ]
...and on some Australian stamps!