Croft Track Day - Mog2003

The Mog2003 event included a Saturday Track Day at the Croft Circuit. The event was well organised, starting with a driver and passenger briefing covering the safety aspects and rules for the day. The main points being overtaking is permitted on the straights only and on the left hand side. The weather was perfect - dry, warm and slightly cloudy.
Cars were split into groups of similar pace and track time was rotated between them at 15 minute intervals.
Thanks to Nick for braving my driving and taking the in-car pictures shown on this page. The description relates to a lap in a 4/4 Zetec.

[ Clervaux ]
Out of the pit lane and into the first corner - Clervaux.

[ Hawthorn ]
Through the chicane at Hawthorn and it's hard right...

[ Chicane ]
... keep to the middle of the track and it's flat in third gear round to and through Chicane if you dare!

[ White Knuckles! ]
White knuckles and determination not to lift!

[ Tower ]
Keep it flat and snatch fourth up to Tower.

[ Jim Clark Esses ]
Accelerate up to the Jim Clark Esses, take fourth before the first left.

[ Jim Clark Esses ]
Keep tight left at the first and you can stay flat in fourth through the right hander...

[ Jim Clark Esses ]
... drifting wide on the exit!

[ Barcroft ]
Then a slight lift before the entry to Barcroft but it's flat in fourth through.

[ Angle ]
Just to show that we were pressing on - the other pictures on this page have been straightened up! Nick had his hands full, trying to hold on, take the pictures and all this on his first time with me in a car of any sort!

[ Sunny ]
Exit Sunny Out and move to the right up the short hill.

[ Red Mist! ]

[ Complex ]
Into Complex. First left and then a tight right.

[ Hairpin ]
Approaching the hairpin left. Brake hard and down to second.

[ Straight ]
Exit hairpin accelerating hard on to the start/finish straight.

[ Straight ]
Blast down the straight.

[ Clervaux ]
Miss the cones marking the pit lane exit on the run down towards the first corner and another lap.

[ Pits ]
Back in the pit lane.

A fantastic event. Well done to all of those helping organise it. And thanks to Malcolm who was right when he said that a session with the instructor "sounds like ten pounds well spent".

A rough and ready guide to a lap of Croft (2.1 miles).
On the start/finish straight, move left and brake hard as you run down to Clervaux (right bend). Miss the kerb on the inside. Brake on approach to Hawthorn Bend, take the apex on the right behind the tyre wall and then stay in the middle of the track all the way round to Chicane, accelerating hard throughout. Run up to Tower Bend on right hand side, move to the left and brake hard for the right hander. Keep tight on the apex and drift left under acceleration on the exit. Move across to the right for the Jim Clark Esses (don't lift). First Left and keep tight on the left of the track, then Right, use all the track on the way out. Stay left for Barcroft (right bend), you may need a slight lift. Keep left on the exit and brake hard for Sunny-1 (right), accelerate and run out wide through Sunny-2 (right). Along the uphill straight move to the right for Complex. Left, stay left for tight right, allow it to drift out. Move right for Hairpin (left), turn in very late and accelerate after the apex and you're back on the start / finish straight.

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